Pundit Touchscreen Unit

Pundit PL-200

The new benchmark for
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing


Pundit PL-200PE

Groundbreaking Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Testing


The Successful Pundit Tradition Marches On!

Pundit is an industry standard and widely recognized as the first commercial portable instrument for ultrasonic pulse velocity testing of concrete, rock, wood and ceramics. The Pundit PL-200 and PL-200PE continue the illustrious Pundit tradition and set the example for industry standards using a new generation and design-protected Touchscreen Unit.

Never before has the user had such a control over the measurement procedure in real time directly on-site!

New Touchscreen Unit

Screen with highest resolution and sharpest image available in the market. This coupled with a powerful dual-core processor allows the best possible analysis of the measured waveforms.

On-Site Instruments

The Pundit instruments are specially designed to be used on-site in harsh environments and convince with a comprehensive range of applications and improved measurement modes.

Future Proof Investment

Advanced ultrasonic products currently being developed will be directly compatible, extending the application range and making the Pundit Touchscreen a sound future proof investment.


Proceq – History of Innovation since 1954

Proceq SA of Switzerland, founded in 1954, is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality portable instruments for non-destructive testing of materials. The ubiquitous Original Schmidt concrete test hammer and the patented SilverSchmidt (Q-value) are just an excerpt of Proceq’s proud inventions.

Industry Standard Pundit

Pundit is a de facto industry standard brand and widely recognized as the first commercial field (on-site) device to measure Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity. Proceq acquired Pundit in 2009 and later launched the popular Pundit Lab and Pundit Lab+.

New Pundit Touchscreen

The Pundit PL-200 and Pundit PL-200PE continue the illustrious Pundit tradition that began in the 1970s. They are the first Proceq products to be developed using a new generation and design-protected Touchscreen Unit.

Application Overview

Pundit PL-200
Pundit PL-200PE
Through Transmission: Access from two sides
Pulse Echo: Single side access
Assessment of Concrete Quality
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
Compressive strength and SONREB
Slab thickness from a single side
Determination of crack depth
Detection and localization of voids, pipes, cracks (parallel to surface) and honeycombing
Modulus of elasticity
Scan Modes

Line Scans
Data Logging
Area Scan

Area Scans

Ask Malcolm!

“Ask Malcolm” is an Application Support Service provided by Proceq to owners and users of the PL-200PE who have completed the corresponding advanced training module. It is supported by a team of renowned experts who have years of hands-on, on-site NDT inspection expertise.